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warm n fuzzies     warm n fuzzies     Warm & Fuzzies Fuzz Pedal

Fuzz Pedal

A warm fuzz with a nice bottom end- perfect for solos, but also well suited for rhythm playing! Very interactive with the volume knob on your guitar, so you can go from light overdrive tones to full-on fuzz without stooping down.

Inside, you'll find a control for voltage starve, which simulates the sound of a dying battery. This produces some unique tones with a lot of offbeat character. In addition, you can adjust the brightness of the illuminated knob to your taste- from a subtle indication to a bright attention-grabbing glow.

The simplicity of this pedal let's you focus on performance, not knob tweaking.. and you'll always know when it's on, thanks to it's illuminated chicken head knob- sure to get lots of attention onstage!

Controls: On, Volume, Bypass.
Internal Trimpot Controls: Starve (Dying Battery Simulator), Brightness (Illuminated Knob Brightness Control)
Power Source: 9VDC (negative center 'Boss-style' adapter required). Battery snap not included- see our green tone page for details.

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