On The Road Effects USA Handmade Guitar Effects Pedals

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of power supply do I need to use with On The Road Effects pedals?

All of our pedals run on a standard Boss™ Style 2.1mm 9-volt (negative center) DC power supply. Do not use an adapter with a higher voltage or incorrect polarity, as this could damage your pedal, and void your warranty. If you are unsure about your power adapter, please contact us before attempting to use it!

Can I use a 9-volt battery to power your pedals?

While they would work fine, we do not supply 9-volt battery snaps inside our pedals for environmental reasons. If you absolutely must use a battery, you can purchase an external battery snap adapter that will plug in to the DC power jack. Please see our Green Tone page for more detailed information about our battery policies.

What kind of payment types do you accept?

The On The Road Effects Shop accepts PayPal payments exclusively. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still use most major credit cards to make a purchase via PayPal. The only type of mail-in payment we accept is a US Postal Money Order. Please contact us to inquire about a mail-in payment, and we will send you further instructions.

Is your checkout process secure?

Yes. All of the final payment information is handled via PayPal's checkout system, which is a secure transaction.

Are these pedals really made in the USA?

Yes. While most electronic components are manufactured outside the United States, the pedals we make are 100% hand-crafted in the USA, in our small shop in Southern Massachusetts. In addition, we purchase various parts from US-based companies wherever possible, to help support our national economy.

Do you like the band Nickleback?

No. No, we do not.

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